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In certain applications where combination boilers are not a suitable option, an invented hot water cylinder can be installed to provide hot water to your home. Unvented cylinders provide high pressure hot water to your taps and showers, providing the ability to have power showers and a greater variety of taps without the need for a separate booster pump. These cylinders also offer a far greater flow rate of hot water, satisfying the demand of more than two bathrooms where a combination boiler would not cope.

Unvented cylinders also do away with the need for a cold water storage cistern in the loft, irradiating the risk of frozen pipes and dirt entering the system. These are high efficiency cylinders with far greater insulation and thermal properties than a tradition cylinder in the airing cupboard. This means that the stored water will stay hot of much longer periods of time, reducing the need for your boiler to 'cycle' on and off. 

This form of hot water storage coupled with a 'A rated' boiler and intelligent controls can save you money on your hot water and heating bills!